who? sarah johnson, call me sarah.

what? blogger, recipe developer, inspired baker, beginner food photographer & stylist.

where? montreal, canada.

why? my blog is inspired by muslim living, intended for the home cook & baker wanna-be’s like me! i create recipes based on what is currently in season. i have been cooking since i was a little girl & in early 2001 ( to be exact) now I have decided it was time to start a food blog. here i document my life events through food & photography. some of the recipes you see here are ones i have perfected throughout the years & some are new recipes inspired by everything around me.

when? Lemon and Company was born in late november of 2015, i was bored a few years before so, i gave birth the idea of blogging.

equipment: until further notice all blog post are shot with an iPhone 4. one day i’m hoping for a canon + 5o mm fix lens.

inspiration: there are so many food related blogs/websites that i read but the ones that inspire me the most include:

my top inspiration for photography – cause, i really love minimalist photography for food:

my top inspiration for food, reading and photography:


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