Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath

Here is what you will need and the steps to perform a winter wreath that is far from being cheesy.

What you will need:

A metal hanger
2 sprigs of babies breath
5 eucalyptus branches
12 pieces of pine branches
about three meters thick metal wire 0.64 mm
hairspray hair, optional

1. Distort metal hanger with your hands to form a circle with a hook.


2. Cut the metal wire into pieces of 10 cm.
3. Using these, hang a large eucalyptus branch around the metal circle. Repeat with a second branch.

4. Remove the thorns at the base of small pine branches, and garnish the crown by tying them with metal wire.

5. Cut eucalyptus branches and make small bouquets with baby sigh.


6. Attach the branches around the hanger fasten with wire.
7. For longer storage, secure with the hairspray.


This article originally appeared in french on trois fois par jour  I translated the article for English readers to enjoy. I truly hope that soon these articles will be available in English for all.



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